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        1. Quick. Easy. Secure.

          Symantec’s Endpoint Protection Cloud Server safeguards your data with industry-leading technologies like file-based malware prevention and advanced machine learning. Get customized protection for your Windows server, with the convenience of being deployed and managed via the cloud.

          DIY Protection That's Simple and Affordable

          Save money and reduce the need for specialized IT resources with Endpoint Protection Cloud Server. Our advanced technologies block and eradicate malware from your network and determine if files are safe to download.?

          Personalized and Convenient

          Enjoy the flexibility of customizing the protection your Windows server needs and the convenience of managing and deploying that protection through the cloud. Symantec uses advanced multi-layered technologies to detect and block malware, viruses, and other online threats.??

          Customized Enterprise-Grade Server Protection


          We'll protect your business's Windows server while giving you the convenience of cloud management and deployment. Our advanced machine learning and other technologies identify malware and block suspicious files before they can harm your business.

          Bring Endpoint Protection Cloud Server to Your Business Today

          Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

          See how it works!

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          Industry Recognition


          "Symantec has been positioned in the Leaders quadrant of the report since its inception in 2002. Symantec Endpoint Protection protects 175 million endpoints across the globe, finding what antivirus tools often miss and providing forensic information if an attacker gets in."
          –Gartner Magic Quadrant, 2018

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          Frost & Sullivan

          Symantec was honored with Frost & Sullivan’s ‘Endpoint Security Vendor of the Year’ Award at the 2018 India Information and Communication Technologies Awards.

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          "Symantec security solutions offer optimal protection for consumers and enterprises across all software platforms. When it comes to effective protection, Symantec was head and shoulders above the competition."
          –Andreas Marx, CEO, AV-TEST

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          Enterprise Management Associates named Symantec as 2017 Endpoint Security Market Share Leader.

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